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Die nächste Generation industrieller Beschriftungssoftware  

GSLabel / Übersicht

GSLabel ist eine komplexe Softwareanwendung für die Industrielle Markierung die von Schaltanlagen und oder Maschinenbauer verwendet wird.

Die tägliche Aufgabenstellung  Ader-, Kabelbeschriftungen, Klemmenblöcke, Schütze, Bedien- und Meldeelemente und Schrumpfschlauch andere Arten von Etiketten und Schilder werden einfach und schnell erledigt. Die Software unterstützt eine breite Palette von Ausgabegeräten für die verschiedenen Beschriftungsanforderungen.  

  • Plotter, Gravursysteme
  • Drucker (Thermotransfer, Inkjet, Xeroc – Laserdrucker etc.) ,
  • Laserapplikationen

Das Ausgabegerät benötigt ausschließlich einen passenden  Microsoft® Windows® Gerätetreiber. Mithilfe von SDK Lösungen können Kundenspezifische Hardwarelösungen ebenfalls eingebunden werden.

GSLabel kann sowohl als Einzelplatz als auch als Serverlösung zum Einsatz gelangen. Die Projektabwicklung erfolgt in UNICODE Modus und erlaubt alle Sprachen und Zeichen zu Interpretieren.
Unser Ziel ist Ihr Benefit: Idealerweise gestalten wir Ihnen Mit Hilfe der GSLabel Software einen Arbeitsplatz für alle im Unternehmen anfallenden Beschriftungen.

GSLabel / What it can do

GSLabel is a complex software application, first intended for industrial marking, that can be used by panel or machine builders to mark terminal block tags, wire markers, shrink tubing, contactors, push buttons and other kinds of labels and signs. The software supports a wide range of marking output devices: plotters, engravers, printers (thermo-transfer, inkjet, etc.), laser machines as long as they have a proper Microsoft® Windows® device driver, but also customized solution for output devices with their existing complete SDK. It also fully understands/supports UNICODE text. The purpose of the GSLabel software package is to endorse the customer’s line of marking products.

  • Betreiben Sie GSLabel in einem beliebigen Modus direkt in Ihr Beschriftungsprojekt
  • Operate in any mode directly in your marking project

  • Importieren Sie Daten aus den wichtigsten CAD-Softwareapplikationen  und Datenbanken
  • Import Data from most important CAD software and Databases

  • Bearbeiten Sie Vollgrafiken auf  Endlos Materialien oder Vorlagen
  • Edit full graphic, ribbon and template labels

  • Organisieren und optimieren Sie den  Druckprozesses
  • Organize and optimize the flow of printing process

  • Gestalten Sie Ihre eigenen spezifischen Materialien ( Tags / Labels / Endlos) in der Materialdatenbank.
  • Design your own specific materials (tags/labels) database

  • Mastering vector (eg plottres) and raster (inkjet and thermo-transfer printers) devices

  • Design your marking project as you want it to be

Project - Details / Design your marking project as you want it to be

Key benefits of Project Organization

  • Complete information: Design from small to very big and complex projects. The project contains material type, data organization, symbols and graphics.
  • Easy management: Edit, modify, select, filter all information in 2-ways: database mode and graphic-preview mode, which are fully synchronized
  • Professional: The relationship between project and the machines attached can be changed dynamically and the output result appropriately rendered.

Project Management

The project is record-organized, so that the information can be continuously reconfigured on different machines and on different materials, minimizing user's design effort. The presentation and the management of project is available in a Tree-Grid view, with sorting, grouping and filtering functionality. The preview of the project is refreshed after editing directly in grid or in properties box as instant feedback

Insert Material

The project can be filled with new ready-to-edit frame types from Material Tree, by a simple selection and drag and drop operations, inserting directly in Preview a new blanc page or label of specified material type

Visual Editing

In the Preview mode, you can select records and labels, you can insert, delete and edit them, all modifications being automatically synchronized with Database-Tree representation

Preview Navigation

You can navigate through entire project pages in a continuous movement, scrolling and zooming, in order to select and edit records or labels in the Preview mode

Import Data from most important CAD software and Databases
Data - Details / Import Data from most important CAD software and Databases

Key benefits of Data Import

  • Simple access: Use continuous flow of data coming from the most used data types, databases and export files from CAD program for optimum gathering of information in processing times
  • Quick using: Define easy all import steps with some mouse clicks in transparent scripts for routine operations
  • Flexibility: Decide by simple selection the sorting mode and filtering functions for process data according to the application

Import Data Scripts

Import Data scripts are defined once using the Import Data Wizard, to ensure a quick and error-free data transfer for future projects. Specific value combination at import time gives you further process optimization.

Data Sources

CAD programs used as data sources means a predefined data selection scripts to reduces the workload in data transfer in order to avoiding transfer errors. Special interfaces are available for EPLAN Electric P8 and other CAD systems that export labeling information to Microsoft Excel and Text format.

Edit full graphic, ribbon and template labels
Graphic / Edit full graphic, ribbon and template labels

Key benefits of graphic editors

  • All needs fulfilled: Use comprehensive graphic editors to create complex graphics, template definition, and ribbon/strip labels
  • Compatible: You can handle a wide variety of the most used vector and raster graphic formats
  • Professional: Use can use rotated text, barcode, RTF and simple vector graphic tools in the simplest way

Full Graphic Designer

Full Vectorial Graphic Editor offers the main functionality to prepare complex labels: RTF and simple text, images handling, barcodes (liniar and 2-dimensional), circular text and others

Custom Label Designer

You can create your own labels format, containing logos, symbols, barcode, texts, empty text boxes to be filled with data imported from most used files in Microsoft Windows, databases and CAD systems

Strip Designer

Strip designer offers a hierarchical layout for strip/ribbon labels that are used frequently in terminals assemblies and ususally printed on thermal-transfer printers

Insert Images

You can handling images by drag-and-drop from your own selection in Symbols panel or from any folder open in Windows Explorer. If you use vector devices for rendering, the images are transparently changed to vector images


Organize the flow of printing process
Printing - Details /Organize the flow of printing process

Key benefits of printing organisation

  • Clear flow: The devices, the pages assigned to them for printing or plotting are represented in a simple and clear hierarchical view
  • Simple: You can select what part of project to print, and you can change the current machine just before the printing process
  • Professional: The rendering for vector or raster output devices is transparent to the user

Printing Tree

The Printing Tree shows the pages assigned to specific devices for printing or plotting, with the capability to select or unselect pages or devices

Rendering for vector devices

The text, images and vector graphics are rendered in an appropriate mode for vector machines, optimizing the head movements, in corespondence with our device driver for vector machines

Device Settings

You can install many devices in GSLabel program, to set each of them for layout, position, orientation and to mark the default one for tags, labels or thermal-transfer materials

Device Changing in Preview

GSLabel is a project-oriented program. The user can modify directly in Preview mode the devices assigned for tags or labels or thermal-transfer, to see the modified preview on the layout of selected devices

Design your own specific materials database
Materials - Details / Design your own specific materials database

Key benefits of material designer

  • Easy design: different ways to define the elements shape of materials to creation your own material and then you can use it immediately in your project
  • Concise: Visual design is driven by only few parameters that control the geometry of new material
  • Complex: The material can be defined with a very specific organization that may also be easly modified for further extentions

Geometric Model

The user can define her own materials, to create the databases for your customers. The model can be defined in both a geometric and free mode, with different types of elements, used in marking industry

Material Tree

The Material Tree contains the tags and labels database, and is presented in a simple tree view, with search, grouping and selection; with drag-and-drop the selected material can be inserted directly into the project

Mastering vectori devices, inkjet and thermal-transfer printers
Machines - Details / Mastering vector devices, inkjet and thermal-transfer printers

Key benefits of machines integration

  • Layout definition: The user can lay the materials over the surface of the plotting machine.
  • Vector device driver: The user can use our device driver to handle the rendering on plotters and other vector machines.
  • Extention: We are open to integrate new machines if they have their own SDK associated.

Vector Devices Driver

Our Plotter Device Driver has been engineered to drive your plotter, cutter or engraver efficiently using our software or any other appropriate Microsoft Windows applications and to create efficient HPGL files suitable for document management systems and downstream usage.


Laser technology offers the highest speed for engraving on plastic or metal and the best quality of the text and vector images. We have experience in driving scanning type lasers and static mirror type lasers with their specific drivers and SDKs.


Engraving technology is used for metals and suitable plastic materials, with very good accuracy in relation to the drill size and rotation speed, being able to handle many depth levels.

Inkjet & Thermal-Transfer Printers

Inkjet printing technology on plastic labels ensures better quality, suitable for any inscription using available True-type fonts, symbols and images, in a large color palette. Thermal-transfer printing technology offers advantages in terms of costs, speed, efficiency, quality and mobility.
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